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Skin-related stories or writings come with a certain problem with human thinking. We tend to think of our skins, we associate the thought drawbacks. Whenever our faces have this ugly head of a pimple when planning for an important date, or noticing fine lines (wrinkles) beneath our eyes or anywhere, we tend to panic, worry with us, and even regret it.  We tend to “fight” acne, “combat” wrinkles, and “banish” blackheads with a non-viable jar of cream or oil. It is us against our skin.

We have myths and misconceptions about using these creams that at the end of the day we get disappointed. Fun enough we still go buy the same jar of cream and start over again, and maybe this time the prices have hiked because there is a ready market, i.e. you and I. We are automatically made marketers of the products that end up destroying our skin. It’s no surprise that people continue to use skin products based on age and gender, or that drinking water can relieve dry skin because that’s what we’ve been told for millennia.

If you need good skin, then you have to know that good flawless glowing skin is not hidden in those expensive or cheap skin care products we buy, instead good skin goes beyond the surface!

Good skin is more than just ten steps and sheet masks; it is about how we think as much as what we use. Now, this is what drives me to write this article.

Good Skin Goes Beyond the Surface

Have you ever asked why the Koreans have the best skin, and they are always the ones bringing in new skin care products to the market? To them, Skin care goes more than just the products. To us, the way our skin feels and looks comes number one. When we take skin care as a holistic practice, in that one is ready to go to great lengths to protect and nurture the skin, more than just using chemically refined products, then I believe we will achieve glowing skin.

Let’s read on!

Brand Image and Loyalty are Overrated.

We are always looking for that product that will help us achieve that flawless skin, and when we get it we stick with it for years. And if the same products do not work anymore, we should not stick to them simply because at first, they had an effect. No one is sticking around if they are not working. There are so many beauty product brands that one can choose from, so pick only what works for you, remember your loyalty to a certain brand is the one not keeping these manufacturers on toes about bringing something new that meets your need.

Innovation is Everything

You hear people say, long ago my grandma used to apply this and she looked flawless. Have you ever tried to look for the same product, applied it to your face, and resembled the past generation? And some of these long-used products are not in the market today, because there is more emphasis on the new than on the classic. Huh, you probably do not wear the same clothes for the rest of your life, so why would your own skin be different, using the same moisturizer?

Skin First Makeup Second

We should focus on our skin before trying to cover up skin flaws with makeup solutions. And do not get me wrong, there are no claims that a makeup-free life will guarantee you great skin all time. Just that the skin will look healthier and fresh.

What is that you are trying to conceal using that concealer again? Now that is what you need to start working on. This is to mean you will have to visit your skin daily routine again. Focus on the underneath skin and then adopt makeup. If something does not work for you, discontinue the use of it.

Skincare is not just for grown Ups

Prevention is way better than treatment.  Parenting comes with a lot of roles and one of them that most parents neglect is teaching young ones and adolescents about skincare. Unfortunately, until pimples appear on our forehead that is when we start looking for solutions, buying expensive creams. When you’re youthful and healthy, it is simplest and most advantageous to keep your body in a constant state of health, and your skin is no exception. You know what they say about teaching an old dog new tricks, and it appears that the same is true for skincare. Good habits will become second nature if you start today. You’ll be fighting and screaming your way into a skin-care routine when you’re older.

It’s Not Just What You Do, but How You Do It

 While most people will put on a moisturizer and call it a day, Korean women use anywhere from six to ten products in their daily skin-care routine. And again, they’re not just reaching for whatever’s closest and slapping it on—the order in which the products are used is important, too! From the lightest consistency to the heaviest, there’s a time and place for each layer of product. Every step has a distinct purpose: prep, renew, treat, hydrate, or protect. It’s also important how you apply different products—tap in your essence, pat on your eye cream, dab on your cushion compact—because slathering isn’t always the best approach (we’ll discuss these in detail later on).

Go Deep and Go Often When It Comes to Hydration.

Desire a dewy, firm skin of beauty characteristic. You necessarily do not need to strive for a matte complexion, instead prep and prime your skin to look radiant and beautiful. Ooh, huh, dewy on the other is the polar opposite of oily_ it’s a fresh look, not a greasy one. In addition to these daily and evening rituals, hydrate with face mists and moisturizers during the day. For more concentrated hydration as needed, sheet masks and sleeping packs are used to give skin (and the person wearing it) a little pick-me-up.

It’s About Brightening Rather Than Bleaching.

The purpose of your skin-care regimen is to achieve a healthy radiance. One has to enhance brightness with a quick cosmetic trick for bright skin appears to be lightened from the inside.  A bright glow is the end goal in your skin-care game. To put it another way, highlighters are a dewy girl’s best friend. Look for products that contain arbutin (an extract from bearberry leaves) in them, which is a natural ingredient that inhibits melanin production. However, it’s always a good rule of thumb to check the labels!

Skin Care Is Not Just a Luxury

Even the most innovative skin-care products are generally inexpensive due to picky customers and extensive demand. There are skin-care stores on every corner (and even at metro stations), so healthy skin is available to everyone, and you don’t have to assume that it’s out of your price range. You may receive efficient chemicals and cutting-edge formulae in opulent packaging while still paying your rent.

No Routine Is One-Size-Fits-All

There are very few people that have the same skin-care routine. Even the most popular, newsworthy items (the ones that appear on every site) aren’t for everyone, and what your closest buddy enthusiastically recommends may not work for you. Never feel obligated to use goods based only on what you’ve heard, because everyone’s skin is different and will respond differently to changes in components and formulations. People in various cultures are encouraged to buy skin-care products based on how old, or “mature,” their skin is, but this is an oversimplification. Instead of focusing just on your age, examine your skin to decide which disorders require treatment. Unfortunately, skin care is a trial-and-error process, and there is no way to do it properly the first time, nor can you just replicate what someone else does and expect the same results. It’s also crucial to understand that your skin is always changing because, well, life occurs. Korean ladies are fully aware of this. They’ve figured out how to tell when a product is working for them. If it’s not, they’ll throw it out without a second thought, cute packaging and all.

Take Ownership of Your Skin—and Have Fun!

Your skin does not have to be a mystery. You may have control over your skin, and you don’t have to wake up every morning wondering what happened overnight. Yes, this will require some time and work on your behalf, but it does not have to be drudgery. This is pampering, not cleaning the kitchen. Learn about skincare; you will come across several local skin-care specialists who will tell you how to get started with a legitimate, multistep process. At first glance, there may appear to be a lot of goods, but you will be astonished that your morning and evening regimen took no more than ten minutes. Many of the tasks are simple enough to execute once or twice a week. Enjoy nurturing your skin on your own, and it will feel amazing to know so much about something that used to stump you. You only need to understand your skin, which is also important for maintenance. Allow the routine to rapidly become the focus of your mornings and nights, and it won’t be long before you learn to identify what you are required to utilize and what items are perfect for you. Your dull, dry skin will begin to seem brighter and suppler, with a more even and clear skin tone. Fine wrinkles and pores will be less evident, and you will feel as if you are removing all the years you’ve gained at the beach.

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