4 Pioneering Natural Hair Brands Redefining The Industry in Kenya

Kenya’s natural hair movement has been nothing short of transformative, empowering individuals to embrace their unique hair textures and celebrate their natural beauty. In this vibrant landscape, several homegrown brands have risen to prominence, catering to the diverse needs of Kenyan naturals. Join us as we celebrate ‘4 Pioneering Natural Hair Brands’ that are redefining the natural hair industry and inspiring a generation to rock their curls with pride.

1.   Marini Naturals

Introducing Marini Naturals, the pioneering haircare brand dedicated to all-natural hair in Africa. Owned and proudly Kenyan, Marini Naturals embraces the essence of natural beauty, just like us, the natural beauties! The name “Marini” stems from the Swahili word, meaning “Naturally Beautiful,” reflecting the brand’s commitment to celebrating our authentic selves.

Today, thanks to Marini’s comprehensive range of products, Kenya and Africa finally have their own natural hair-care line that caters to the unique needs of coils, kinks, and curls like never before. Marini naturals products are rich in moisture, ensuring that your hair remains soft and manageable all day long. And, trust us, the delightful scents of these products are a true treat for the senses!

Have a try…! Some of their product line include:

  • Marini Naturals Curling Butter
  • Marini Naturals Leave-In Conditioner
  • Marini Naturals Moisture Miracle Mist
  • Marini Naturals 100% pure mango butter

These products are carefully crafted to address the specific needs of different hair textures, helping individuals achieve defined and healthy curls. Marini Naturals not only provides exceptional hair products but also empowers African women to embrace their natural hair, fostering self-confidence and pride.

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  • Instagram: @marini.naturals (Followers: 86.K)
  • Facebook: (Followers: 40.6K)
  • Website:

2.   Saru Organics

This is a standout brand that celebrates the power of natural ingredients for haircare. SARU is a native name in TAITA and means the organic manure that farmers can use for their crops for healthy crops. The founder believed if you use her inspired formulations, then you are adding SARU to your hair and the result can only be healthy gorgeous hair! Today, this has become SARU’s strength, shaping the success of each formulated product to be a game changer as proven by the many testimonials. More than just its organic manure, SARU Organics assures you incomparable products, respect and keeping all things natural and sustainable.

 Some of their product line include:

  • Saru Organics 3-in-1 Revitalizing Clay Cleaning Shampoo
  • Saru Organics hair re-constructor protein treatment masque
  • Saru Organics Hair Growth Masque
  • Saru Organics Detangling Leave-In Conditioner
  • Saru Organics Moringa & Lemongrass curls defining mousse

These carefully formulated products are designed to provide deep nourishment and enhance the health of all hair types. Saru Organics embraces the essence of nature’s gifts, offering a range of products that promote healthy, radiant hair.

Social Handles:

  • Instagram: @saruorganics (Followers: 15.2K)
  • Facebook: (Followers: 11.2K)
  • Website:

3.   Sheth Naturals

Sheth Naturals was founded in July 2015.


The brand has two main product line. One which is Mizizi that has gained recognition for its commitment to nourishing hair from the roots. Mizizi, which means ‘roots’ in Swahili is a clarion call for Africans to return to our roots by embracing our unique beauty and using natural products available in our continent to enhance our beauty.

These products are pure natural plant extracts, most of which are raw and unrefined butters and oils. They are extracted using mechanical means and can be used for food and beauty purposes. The natural conversation is not just about seeking beauty, but also how to do this without posing a threat to the health of the seeker. This is because most beauty products that have been traditionally available in the African market contain ingredients that are very harmful to the health of the user with prolonged use. Mizizi products are therefore extracted through methods that preserve their nutritional as well as their cosmetic benefits.


Sheth Naturals also run the Sheba product line. Sheba derives its name from the Queen of Sheba. It is a reminder to us that we are royalty; Princes, Princesses, Kings and Queens and that we deserve the best. This range is made to keep the crowns on our heads healthy! We will never wear a better crown than the hair that grows from our scalps. The Sheba line comes to nurture African hair, whether worn open and natural, tex-laxed, relaxed, dreadlocked, sister locked, micro twisted or in other long-term protective styles leaving it moisturized, healthy and well styled.

Some of their product line include:

  • Mizizi Argan Oil
  • Mizizi Baobab Oil
  • Mizizi Black Seed Oil
  • Mizizi Grape Seed Oil
  • Sheba Curl Crème
  • Sheba Instant Conditioner
  • Sheba Deep Conditioner

These products are carefully curated to promote healthy hair growth, retain moisture, and define natural curls. Sheth Naturals embraces the power of natural ingredients to nurture and restore hair to its full potential.

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4.   Tricia’s Naturals

Tricia’s Naturals is a rising star in the Kenyan and African natural hair scene, offering a range of carefully crafted products enriched with natural goodness. As the Natural Hair Revolution continued to grow, Tricia’s Naturals embodied a return to Natural from the inside out. This encompassed a more holistic, natural lifestyle embracing nutrition, movement, mindset, and skincare with a focus on non-toxic, clean beauty.

Some of their product line include:

  • Tricia’s Naturals Hair Revival Intensive Conditioning Miracle Mask
  • Tricia’s Naturals Hair Revival Rice Water Leave-In Mist
  • Tricia’s Naturals Happylocs Anti-Itch Spray
  • Tricia’s Naturals Kids Detangling Leave-in Conditioner
  • Tricia’s Naturals 3 in 1 Hydrating Hair Cream

These products are designed to promote healthy hair growth, nourish the hair strands, and enhance overall hair wellness. Embracing the diversity of Kenya’s natural hair community, Tricia’s Naturals encourages individuals to embrace their unique hair journey with confidence and pride.

Social Handles:

  • Instagram: @triciasnaturals (Followers: 11.6K)
  • Facebook: (Followers: 29.7K)
  • Website:
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The rise of the natural hair movement in Kenya has sparked the emergence of innovative brands that champion authenticity, self-love, and empowerment. These 4 pioneering natural hair Kenyan brands are revolutionizing the landscape of natural haircare, each with its unique approach to celebrating and nourishing African hair.

Marini Naturals stands out for its commitment to empowering African women, while Saru Organics embraces the gifts of nature and takes a holistic approach to hair solutions, while Mizizi by Sheth Naturals focuses on nourishing from the roots. Tricia Naturals, on the other hand, emphasizes naturally beautiful haircare. Together, these four leading brands are reshaping the industry, inspiring a generation of individuals to embrace their unique curls and embrace their authentic beauty.


With a strong presence on social media, these trailblazing brands continue to inspire and empower naturalists across the country. Let us celebrate their achievements and support their mission to redefine beauty standards, one curl at a time. Kenya’s natural hair revolution is an unstoppable force, and these 4 pioneering natural hair brands are at the forefront of this empowering movement. The future of the natural hair industry in Kenya looks promising, as more people confidently rock their authentic beauty.

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