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When you finally acquire the freedom to your hair, the haircare talk begins.. You find the right cut, style, colour, and conditioner. When that moment comes it somehow feels like a psychological burden has been lifted off your shoulders. To some of us, the remedy may come naturally, while to others, the solution can seem harder to come by.

The reason why people have a confidant, a trustworthy therapist is because we are looking for hair solutions day in and day out. We want someone we can share our hair journey with, aiming at finding a better solution than the previous one. There is usually what is called the ultimate codependent relationship between a woman or man and their hairdresser. “if you do not look good, we do not look good either.”


What does hair serve? Is hair beneficial in any way? It hardly keeps you (us) warm, right? Does it serve the purpose of protection? Literally, NO. Its lack of usefulness gives hair its meaning. Hair is a decoration, a genetic marker, an erotically tinged pillow for the head.  Ironically, style is what gives hair substance


Taking back the years in history, hairstyles have been a mirror of social change. In the 1920s, as women shed their corsets, and went out to work, their short new bob telegraphed their newfound freedom. During the 1950s, styles like the stiff bouffant reflected women’s bound tight circumscribed lives. In the 1960s, the rebellious times, African and American women freed their hair and went natural. In the 1970s, both males and females literally let their hair down, girls wore it long and boys wore it short. Today, the rebellious teens flaunt their angst and confuse the elders by shaving their heads, weaving in extensions, or streaking their hair fuchsia.

Whether you colour it, cut it, or let it flow all-natural, your hair says something about you, who you are, how you want to be seen by others, and how you see yourself. 

From ancient times and biblical times to the present, a woman’s hair has always been her crown and glory. However, you cannot expect your hair to take care of itself. Good hair, just like good skin, results from a tricky balance of good genes, good care, good haircare talk, smart shopping, and a healthy lifestyle. You cannot do much about your genes, but there is a lot you can do to give the hair you were born with the chance to be its softest, springiest, and shiniest. We give you some basics you need to know to make your hair The beauty. The splendor. The wonder. The haircare talk, it was meant to be.


Keratin the protein that forms the base of the nails, teeth, and skin, is the same protein that hair is made of. Before we see the hairs on the scalp, it all starts deep in the dermis through the follicle and then out. Though the scalp lies hidden from most of us, the health of our hair depends on a healthy scalp. Too much oil (sebum) on the scalp can clog the follicle preventing the growth of healthy hair. If there is too little oil, the scalp is dry and flaky. A dirty scalp also inhibits the growth of naturally healthy hair. Which is a result of excess sebum and sweat clogging the hair follicles.

Did you know that children do not produce oil on their scalps until they are four? This is why their scalp is often flaky.

Soft, shiny hair is one of the indicators of good health. While dull, lank hair can be a sign of vitamin deficiency or illness

However, we will also agree that chemical processes, product abuse, and over-styling can destroy the hair lustre making it weak and lifeless

A healthy lifestyle and great haircare talk will lead to healthy hair.

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