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How to Fill In Your Eyebrows

Filling in your brows gives the impression that the rest of your face makeup is done. Your most appealing features will be lost in the limelight, and your overall appearance will suffer as a result of having brows that don’t match or are too sparse. Knowing how to fill in your eyebrows is an important step since it helps to accentuate your eye makeup.

How to fill in your eyebrows


That whether you use pencils or powders, the substance will attach to your skin significantly more than it will to your hair. Fill in the areas where the hair would typically grow to get the desired brow shape. This will make sparse brows look fuller. Before applying brow pencil or powder, comb them out well and evaluate the areas that require attention. To get a natural look, always apply the strokes in the direction that the hair is developing.

Natural Look

Fill in the gaps with brow powder if you want your brows to seem natural after you pluck them. You’ll have the most control over where the colour goes if you apply the powder with a brush that has some heft to it. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil if they are sparse or if you have accidently pulled too many hairs from them when plucking. Fill in the blanks correctly to avoid the appearance of pencil markings. Never sketch the entire brow with a single stroke. This will make your brows the most obvious feature of your face, but it will also make them appear rather artificial.

  • You may use a gel to keep your brows in place. Tinted brows are the greatest option for adding colour to your brows. Brunettes can go the same colour as their hair or a couple of shades lighter, whilst blondes should go one or two shades darker than their natural hair colour.

Before applying the correct fill-in, brush the brow down and then draw a line along the upper border to define the location where the arch should reach its maximum point. Now comb in the opposite direction. Fill in the areas that lack volume using a pointed brow pencil. The best results may be obtained by making feathering strokes with your pencil. Using brow powder, you may get the most natural appearance imaginable. If you’ve colored your brows too darkly, you may lighten the colours by dipping a toothbrush in shadow or neutral powder and then applying the combination to your brows.

The following items from our Makeup Kit will be used:

  1. Trio Brow Palette,
  2. 212 Spoolie Brush,
  3. 207 Angle Eyeliner Brush,
  4. Brown or Black Eyeliner Pencil


I’ll begin by demonstrating you how to fill in your brows using our Trio Brow Palette.

  1. The first step is to take your eyebrow comb and meticulously clean up your brows with it.
  2. The second step is to choose a brow powder that matches the colour of your hair. Gently dab some brow powder or eye makeup onto the bristles of the 207 Angle Eyeliner Brush. To get a more natural look, apply eye makeup or brow powder in the same direction as the hair grows.

Never is “draw” the colour onto your brows since this will make them appear unnatural, and unnatural never a nice appearance. Fill in the gaps that need to be filled using a pencil, making sure to use feathering strokes and moving gently over the ones that don’t.

Now get ready because I’m about to teach you how to fill in your brows with an eyeliner pencil.

  1. The first step is to take your eyebrow comb and meticulously clean up your brows with it.
  2. Decide which eyeliner pencil will complement your hair colour and choose it. To achieve a more natural look, apply the pencil in the same direction that your hair grows.

Additionally, use feathering strokes to fill in regions that need it, but be careful while working in areas that don’t need as much filling.

How to Fill in your eyebrows

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