Tools a Makeup Artist Need

There are two makeup kits; The Pro Makeup Kit which has all the basic items that any makeup artist should have. The Master Makeup Kit is a complete set of items perfect for any makeup artistry.

I will give an overview on the items in the Master Makeup Kit. A professional makeup artist is to have these products or similar.

Makeup case

This makeup case is designed to hold a variety of makeup products and accessories. The case has a padded and roll The case is padded and roll top design. It has a double-zip rollaway closure, and the interior of the case features padded twin two-tier trays that slide out for easy access to small makeup containers and items. The case also has a spacious bottom compartment for additional storage space. The case is made with a durable, soft-sided material and has comfortable rolled handles and a removable shoulder strap for easy carrying. This makeup case is intended to help makeup artists look professional and stay organized while on the job.

13 Piece Brush Set in the Black Brush Case

A set of 13 high-quality brushes that have minimal shedding. They are hand-crafted for smooth, satin-like strokes on the skin. The brushes have black handles and ferrules, giving them a sleek and professional appearance. The handles are also tapered for easier maneuverability. This brush set is intended to be used by makeup artist.

15 Color Eye Shadow Palette –Neutral, Smokey and Theatrical

This is the 15 color eyeshadow palette that comes in three different color combinations: Neutral, Smokey, and Theatrical. The palette is a customer favorite and is made with high pigment density that won’t fade. The pressed eyeshadows apply and blend easily. The palette is available in multiple pan sizes and includes a range of matte, frost, pearl, sheer, and color eyeshadows.

The Neutral palette includes shades of browns, deep chocolates, greys, and highlights.

The Smokey palette includes shades of bronze, gold, dark greys, black, and highlights.

The Theatrical palette includes shades of primary colors, metallic, deep tones, and other dramatic shades.

This eyeshadow palette is intended to be used by makeup artists and allows them to create a variety of eye makeup looks.

10 Color Concealer Palette

A 10 color concealer palette that is intended for use by makeup artists. The palette includes a wide range of shades to suit a variety of skin tones. The medium to full coverage concealer is designed to brighten uneven skin tones, hide under eye circles, and cover tattoos and discolorations. It can be blended for light coverage or used with an Eye Primer/Concealer Brush for maximum results. Each concealer in the palette is 36.5 mm in size. This concealer palette is a useful tool for makeup artists as it allows them to customize the perfect shade and coverage for their clients’ needs.

6 Color Pressed Powder Palette

This is a 6 color pressed powder palette that includes the most popular mineral powder shades. The palette is lightweight and made of plastic, making it easy to travel with. This palette is likely intended for use by makeup artists, who can use it to apply a range of shades to their clients’ skin. Pressed powders are a type of makeup that is pressed into a compact and can be applied to the skin with a brush or sponge. They are commonly used to set foundation and provide a matte finish to the skin. The shades in this palette are likely designed to suit a variety of skin tones and can be used to contour, highlight, or set makeup.

10 Color Lip Palette – Bright and Neutral

It is a 10 color lip palette that includes shades in both bright and neutral tones. The palette allows users to choose the perfect texture and shade to match their outfit and mood. The palette includes a range of shades in creamy, flat matte, and glossy formulas, and allows users to mix and blend to create custom colors. Each lip color in the palette is 36.5 mm in size. This lip palette is likely intended for use by makeup artists, who can use it to create a variety of lip looks for their clients. It is also useful for individuals who want to have a range of lip colors at their disposal.

10 Color Blush Palette – Bright and Neutral

A blush palette with 10 shades is a great option for people who love to experiment with different looks and want a variety of shades to choose from. The combination of matte, frost, and pearl finishes can also provide a range of finishes and effects on the skin, allowing you to create a variety of makeup looks.

Complexion Primer

A complexion primer is a type of skincare product that is applied to the skin before foundation to help create a smooth, even canvas for makeup. Primers are typically lightweight and oil-free, and they can help to fill in fine lines and pores, reduce the appearance of uneven skin texture, and create a more even base for foundation. Perfect for all skin types. Please remember to avoid eye and lash area.

5 Color Natural Liquid Foundation

A liquid foundation is a type of makeup that is designed to even out the skin tone and create a smooth, even base for the rest of your makeup. Liquid foundations come in a variety of formulas and finishes, from matte to dewy, and they can provide a range of coverage levels from sheer to full. This special formula blends the natural properties of micro-minerals to provide buildable, weightless coverage with a delicate, luminous look. A dime-size pump provides all the coverage you need.

2 Cream Foundation Quads

This silky, water-based foundation infused with vitamin E and soothing botanicals blends easily to combine shades and build the perfect coverage for naturally flawless looking skin. This foundation is designed to even out the skin tone and create a smooth, even base for the rest of your makeup. Cream foundations come in a variety of formulas and finishes, and they can provide a range of coverage levels from sheer to full. Cream foundation quads are sets of four cream foundations that are designed to be used together to create a customized foundation shade.

HD Translucent Powder

This is a universal translucent finishing powder to be applied over foundation or to be worn alone. While it mattifies the skin without changing its natural contours, this 100% mineral sillica powder softens the appearance of imperfections. This powder is designed to be used to set makeup and help it stay in place. It is called “translucent” because it is designed to be virtually invisible on the skin, and it is intended to be used on all skin tones.

XL Face and Body Bronzer – Radiant Glow

These extra-large mineral pressed bronzers give skin tones the radiantglow of a sun-kissed summer. At a whopping 120mm product diameter,these bronzers will provide an all-over better-than-natural lookingbronze glow. Bronzers come in a variety of shades and finishes, from matte to shimmery, and they can be used to create a range of looks from a subtle glow to a more dramatic contour. An XL face and body bronzer is a great option for people who want a larger size of bronzer or who want to use the product all over their body as well as their face.

10 Lip Liner Pencils

This is a makeup product used to outline the lips and create a defined shape. Lip liners come in a variety of shades, and are can be used to create a range of looks from a natural to a bolder or dramatic effect. Designed to enhance the natural shape of the lip. A set of 10 lip liner pencils is a great option for people who love to experiment with different looks and want a variety of shades to choose from. It’s always a good idea to test out a few shades before committing to a particular color, to see which one looks best on your skin.

5 Natural Lip Gloss

Lip gloss contains conditioning and nourishing ingredients to soothe and calm lips. It glides on smoothly and puts the finishing touch on any makeup look.” The lip gloss formula contains ingredients that nourish and hydrate the lips, soothe and calm them. The formula is smooth and easy to apply, making it a great finishing touch for any makeup look.

8 Eye Liner Pencils

A creamy pencil with strong color definition to create a dramatic, high-fashion look. This formula is exceptionally opaque and waterproof so it won’t smudge or fade. It glides on easily and comes in eight beautiful shades.

5 Gel Eye Liners

Line and define your eyes with this gel-based waterproof formula that stays on all day. Create a strong, dramatic look on its own or blend with eyeshadow for a smoky, sultry look. Receive five beautiful shades.

Trio Brow Palette

This palette is an Innovative way to keep brows looking groomed and gorgeous on the go. This palette comes with two Powders, one dark and one light to custom blend the most natural brow color. It also includes an angled brush for clean and precise application, and a wax cream to hold a perfect shape all day.

4 Brow Pencils + Highlight Pencil

Use a smooth, blendable Eye Brow Pencil to enhance and refine the shape of your eyebrows. There are 4 four different colors and a highlighter.


Get a light mascara that fortifies and conditions lashes for a naturally beautiful look.

Disposable Mascara Wands (10/pkg)

Great for applying mascara or brow gel and blending color, these disposable wands are a must for hygienic practices! Each package contains 10 mascara wands.

Pink Brow Combs (10/pkg).

More detailed than the original spoolie, these combs are great for lash and brow brushing.

8pc Wedge Sponge Block

This 8pc Sponge wedge is great for on the go makeup applications, as well as makeup artists.

Stainless Steel Mixing Palette and Spatula

Every makeup artist needs an all-purpose palette and spatula to mix and blend everything from foundations to lipsticks…and more! The best part is that it’s hygienic and shows your clients that you are a seasoned professional!

Eyebrow Tweezer – Angled Silver

This angled, versatile tweezer is a perfect addition to any esthetic kit. Great for brow shaping, basic tweezing and individual lash applications.

Small Scissors

The small scissors are the ideal tool for quick fixes, detailed corrections and simple grooming. The stainless steel design and curved point ensures safety and stability.

Eyelash Curler

The stainless steel eyelash curler offers a comfortable foam base and the perfect pressure for curling and enhancing natural lashes.

Adhesive for Strip Lashes

This product dries quickly to make putting on band and individual lashes a breeze. The color dries dark to blend with natural lashes and eyeliner.

False Lashes

These lush lashes provide a natural look to make a subtle statement and are perfect for any special event

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